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HC24 has been providing reliable staffing solutions for many years now and has been catering to the needs of even the most demanding clients. We have developed good rapport with our clientele by providing them with the most suitable candidates matching their requirements. Clients can easily request for staff, and candidates can submit their application through our transparent and self-explanatory system. Here is a comprehensive overview on how HC24 works.


Our System of Operations

At HC24, we have employed professional and friendly people who, upon your arrival at any of our offices, respond to your requests immediately. Based on the specifications, we utilise our large database to present you with a list of qualified candidates for the job.

Our automated system tracks those experienced and skilled candidates in their specific field. HC24 prioritises its services 24/7 on normal and urgent requests. Apart from normal working hours, after-hours coordinators are also available. Rest assured, a registered nurse will be at service round-the-clock to assist and resolve any technical and clinical issues.


Independent Contractor

HC24 is an independently owned recruiting firm. We employ all the staff directly and have no employment partnership between staff and clients. All applicable taxes are deducted from the payrolls of employees including National Insurance and income taxes.


Our Offices

Although our offices are scattered around the UK at the key locations including Kent, Staffordshire, Hampshire and Glasgow, our main office is in London.


Complaint Registration System

HC24 goes the extra mile to provide client-satisfaction at all times, especially while handling complaints. Believing that our clients are our most valuable asset, resolving their issues and complaints with a positive outcome is our foremost priority.

Our dedicated customer service personnel investigate complaints and resolve them within 14 business days.

We welcome our clients to report their concerns about the safety and quality of our services to the Joint Commission, which will also be documented and tracked accordingly. All investigations will be resolved mostly within 60 business days as a determined timeframe.

Note that all the registered complaints and issues will be handled without subjecting the accuser to any discrimination, reprisal, coercion, or interruption of services.

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Opening Hours: Monday- Friday (09 am- 5 pm)
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