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HC24 is a healthcare staffing provider that provides  various health care services under the direction of highly skilled-registered health care professionals in Canada.  We are determined to provide a full spectrum of healthcare services to our clients. We provide personal care/assistance,  therapeutic intervention, clinical service, companionship, housekeeping,  transportation an or appropriate medical services to our clients in house and in community.
We are strongly committed to providing superior care and personal service to our
clients and we take great pride in delivering highly skilled and professionally trained
healthcare professionals to a variety of medical facilities.

HC24 also offers numerous employment opportunities at hospitals, nursing homes,
gerontology settings, old-age communities, and other healthcare venues. Our HR
department offers a vast opportunity to engage, train and provide employment options
to internationally educated healthcare professionals.

Our experienced consultants personally interview each candidate before recommending them and ensure that they are qualified for the post.

HC24 offers great benefits, generous wages, flexible schedule, customised care packages and rewarding assignments to medical professionals.

The professionals we provide are proficient in their areas of specialisation and quickly adapt to the existing system to take care of the patients and residents. We strive to achieve all these by staying ahead of the curve with technological advancements, continuous recruitment and keeping open lines of communication. with clients.

HC24 has a proven record of accomplishments of catering to the clients’ needs for long-term and last-minute requirements. We are proud of our nationwide recognition in the healthcare sector. While our services have extended over the course of time, our pledge to provide steadfast, reliable, and high quality healthcare services has and will remain the same.

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